• Disassembly method of worn inner six angle nut

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    The disassembly method of the worn inner six angle nut:
    There are many places to fix the parts with the inner six angle nuts on the machine. But because of the frequent disassembly, the inner six angles of the bolts are easily worn round, and the skidding occurs at this time. It is difficult to dismantle the six angle wrenches. This article introduces the method of six corner nut parts in 26 party nuts, which can take out the nuts without damaging the parts.
    For the connection of the head of the inner six angle nut slightly higher or more flat on the plane of the fixed part, a six square nut, which is slightly smaller than the outer diameter of the six angle nut, is placed on the head of the six angle nut, then the nut is welded with the inner six angle nut head, and the nut can be removed with the moving hand after the cooling, and the inside six angle bolts can be taken out.
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